Average number of sex partners for a woman

We discovered something unexpected when we interviewed women in the context of our penis size research. We found that people and media use to overestimate the number of sexual partners met by a woman. We interviewed women from Europe, US and Brazil. We think the average number of sexual partners stands at around 5 at 25 years old and there are no differences between countries. By the way, women body type or attractiveness were not criteria to have many more sexual partners. It was definitely a personal choice depending on each woman. It has been rare to find women who had 10 or more sexual partners. It also shows the first sexual intercourse for a woman happens later than we think. It is more at around 18 – 20 years old or even later. We came to this conclusion after analyzing our anonymous online survey and 1 to 1 interviews. In fact, both of the methodology provided the same results. In the context of our penis size study, it has been also a problem. Women who are younger than 25 years old don’t have enough sexual experiences to speak about penis size. They cannot know differences between penis sizes. We understood we had to interview women who were around 28 years old minimum. It helped us finding women with enough sexual partners. But it was not a systematic fact. There is a cliché around age and sexual experience. A mature woman is not automatically more experienced than a young woman. We interviewed some women about penis size. If you are interested to read the result of those interviews, buy our “Does size matter?” ebook here