Small penis men cannot sexually satisfy women

Let’s be straight, men who have a small penis cannot sexually satisfy women. Fingering and foreplay will never counterbalance a proper penetration. Lots of women are liars. We see lots of youtube videos saying that penis does not matter. On the other hand, in my own personal life, i asked several women and they complained … Read more

Wessells study measurements results

Extract from Wessells study paper: Penile dimensions in 80 subjects The participants panel includes healthy men from 21 to 82 years old. Age average was 54 years old. We know fat pad length gets wider when we gain weight. Thus, someone who is overweight, “lose” penis length. This study found that men aged above 40 … Read more

Researcher claims italian penis length is decreasing

A study of 2019 young men led by Professor Carlo Foresta from the Universitaria di Padova concluded that average flaccid penis size decreased over the years since year 1948. At that time, flaccid mean of penis length was equal to 9,7cm. In this new penis size study, the average penis length is only equal to … Read more

Danger of penis length enlargement surgery

First of all, let’s remind you penis enlargement surgery is expensive. It costs between $4000 and $10,000. According to the Wessels study (published in the journal of Urology in 1996) penis enlargement solution should be an option for men who have a penis measuring less than 8 cm bone pressed (3.15 inches). The penis length … Read more