Debunking the Penis size distribution by ethnicity chart hoax

You may have seen this chart somewhere on the Internet. It is entitled “penis size distribution by ethnicity”. There is no additional legend. Firstly, There is no description and we don’t know if it is about the erect,flaccid or stechted penis size. On the right left hand, we can see BMJ. (British medical journal). After checking at, we discovered no such a chart has been issued by the British medical journal. In fact, As per June 2011, there is still no existing penis size study by ethnicity (race). This chart has been copied and pasted over several websites with the mention: However, the british medical journal is a repository for international studies. The chart should have had a reference to a year, an institute, a university with researchers’ names. It should be linked to a document title. That is not the case. Consequently, It is an hoax.