Debunking news “French men have the largest penises in Europe”

You may have seen articles over the internet stating that a german institute performed penis size measurements over 10,477 from all 25 countries in the European union, and concluded french men had the largest average penis size all over Europe.

We found the german institute website that carried out this extensive study:
With the precious help from google translate, we picked up the said german insitute methodology.
Each individual measured its own penis using a kind of tape in its own intimacy at home. it is not said if they provided the tape. Actually, the tool that has been used to do the measurement is not shown anywhere over the website. Subsequently, the data have been entered online by the participants. Here is the source.
As we keep on saying. Self reported penis size studies are not reliable. For instance, a participant may take a wrong measurement. He can also lie about his measurement.
Since this study is based on self reported data, it can’t be considered as a serious data source.
Lastly, i am a french national. The game of “who has the largest penis?” is childlike and not helpful. We need reliable data and we are still waiting for a worldwide penis size study that would measure bone pressed erect penis sizes using the same universal protocole. We still need a study that would publish a big number of penis sizes for each country.
If we would like to compare penis size in several countries, researchers would need to publish a common methodology. This universal measurement methodology procedure doesn’t exist yet. So, right now, it is very hard to compare penis size studies as they don’t have the same exact methodology.