Do black men really have bigger penises ?

Lex SteeleAs per May 2011, there is no official penis size study that have been carried out in Africa. There is also no studies that have been performed among the afro-american men population only. The common knowledge of black penises is only based on pornographic movies and rumours. charts and figures that are found over the internet are HOAXES. None of them are based on any reference.
I do admit there is an over-representation of well endowed afro-american pornstars in the US porn industry. The black population only makes up 13% of the US population. In 10 male porn stars, there is more than 1.3 black well-endowed porn star for 8.7 white well endowed porn stars   However, the porn industry is not representative of the whole male population. Some people explain the large black penis in porn movie by the ghetto effect. I am not sure about it. For instance, actor Lexington Steele was a former trader who decided to leave his successful career in banking.

If any proper medical study exist, it should be registered at the US library of medecine at
Right now, there is no existing penis size study related to the black men population only.
Furthermore, there is also no private study related to african penis size. Usually condom companies carry out penis size studies in order to adjust the sizes of their condom. However no condom companies ever carried out any studies in Africa. worldwide condom companies also sell condoms in Africa. If they didn’t sell the right sizes, their condoms would not be sold in Africa. At least, we would have seen an article saying condoms are too small for african men.
During our research over the importance of penis size during sexual intercourse we never found any evidences that black men had bigger penises than caucasian, asian and others.
Nevertheless, we found something REALLY interesting by comparing the 1996 Wessells penis size study and an israeli study published in 2000 (reference). Both the studies followed the same protocole. The 1996 Wessells study participants were a mix of asian, african and european men. The average erect penis size was equal to 13 cm. The israeli study participants were all caucasian jews. However the said israeli study average erect penis size was equal to 13.5 cm. Consequently, we can say the presence of black men didn’t “increased” the average erect penis length in the Wessells study compared to an homogeneous ethnic population panel in Israel.