Does penis size matter? – 10 Key reasons why size may matter

10 key reasons why penis size may matter. We detailed each of the key reason in our Ebook entitled “Does size matter? a study of penis and vagina size importance”. You will find more details about each point in my Ebook. See above.

1.Few women have regularly an orgasm from penetration only
According to the Hite report(link), only 30% of American women reach regularly an orgasm during penetration without clitoral stimulation. On top of those 30%, 22% of women reach it rarely.

Then, you may think clitoris may be helpful during sexual intercourse. Only 19% of women reach regularly an orgasm during penetration with a clitoral stimulation. More concerning, 29% of women stated they didn’t get an orgasm from sexual intercourse. It is our starting point. If the majority of women systematically had an orgasm from penile penetration, the penis size debate would be useless.  Small penis sizes may explain why women don’t get an orgasm. There is no evidence proving penis size does not matter for the production of  a female orgasm.

2.Vaginal inner Space
According to the penis girth chart from the lifestyles condom study, maximum penis girth is 6.75 inches – 17cm. It is less than a baby head circumference. Baby head circumference is systematically bigger than any penis circumference. During the vagina arousal process, the vaginal inner space expands. It means vagina prepares itself to “receive” an extended length and girth.

3. A too big penis?
We didn’t find any official evidences saying that a large penis cause vagina pain. We consulted the US library of medecine(reference) and several gynaecologists. Large penis is not registered as an official cause for vagina pain.

4.Size queen existence
Some women are looking for big penises. We interviewed some of them for our research. The «size queen» existence is confirmed by one dutch study. In 2002, the European urology magazine published a dutch study related to the penis size preference (reference). Dr Francken, van de Wiel, van Driel, and Schultz asked women if they gave importance to penis size. They asked women who just gave birth if penis length was “very important”, “important”, “unimportant or totally unimportant”. They did the same with penis girth. Results: Penis length was important to very important for 21% of the female population and Penis girth was important to very important for 32% of the female population. The study mentioned that women who said they gave importance to length were the same women group who gave importance to girth with more women giving importance to girth. we don’t need a big number here. Lots of factors may be important. This percentage tells us that yes, size queens do exist.

5. very few women wish a partner with a smaller penis:
In a 2006 university study called “Does Size Matter? Men’s and Women’s Views on Penis Size across the lifespan” written by Janet Lever and David A. Frederick (reference), 94% of women who said their sexual partner had a large penis size, were very satisfied by their partner penis size. Only 5% of them desired a sexual partner with a smaller penis.

Besides, in the same study, only 0.5% of women who said their sexual partner had an average penis, desired a sexual partner with a smaller penis.

On the other hand, 68% of women who claimed to have a sexual partner with a small penis, wish a sexual partner with a bigger penis. Thus, “does penis size matter?” Yes at least to some women

6. Aroused vagina depth versus insertable penis size
In the 1949 «Atlas of human sex anatomy», Dr Robert L Dickinson claimed «“When totalled up, the average vagina hides 6 inches of a test tube from daylight. Robert L. Dickinson measured with a test tube in his studies.” On the other hand none of the penis size studies ever obtained an average penis size measuring 6 inches.

According to a 1996 journal of urology article, average  erect penis size is 5 inches bone pressed (reference). The insertable length average is below those numbers as we have to remove curvature, fat pad depth and erection quality to the measurement. Plus, insertion length will depend on the chosen sex position. In conclusion the average aroused vagina depth is superior to the average insertable erect penis size.

7. No proof of any aroused vagina depth by ethnicity
There is no existing study showing any difference between women vagina depth from different ethnic groups.

8. Not all women are able to say if size matters
Using the wessells study, the US journal of urology penis size distribution and interviews, we calculated the necessary sex partners to be able to get an overview of all possible penis sizes. Actually, statistically speaking, women with few sex partners don’t have an overview of all possible penis sizes. This fact is aggravated because the average number of sexual partners for a woman is often over-estimated. Only women who had a lot of sex partners should be taken into account. Young women have very often no enough experience to say whether size matters or not. For example, 5 sex partners is not enough.

9. Vagina Innervation
Many people believe vagina is only sensitive at its opening. It is a wrong cliché. There are nerve endings everywhere inside the vagina.  Buy our Ebook, to know more about the study related to vagina innervation.

10. Small penis men want a bigger one.
91% of the men who said they had a small penis wanted a bigger penis. This information is extracted from a 2006 study entitled “Does Size Matter? Men’s and Women’s Views on Penis Size Across the Lifespan”. At  least, penis size does matter to men. This number is very high. However in our western society, the penis size should be never a problem as it is hidden behind trousers. The penis size is a taboo inside the sex taboo. Penis size may only be challenged by sex partners who have access to it. In fact, it is a handful of women. Men wanted a bigger penis before the arrival of porn industry. Men are aware of their penis size before they are exposed to porn movies.

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