Eva Karera interview – Penis size importance interview series

eva kareraWe interviewed belgium porn actress Eva Karera without telling her we were running a website studying the importance of penis size. We didn’t want to influence her. We are sorry we don’t have any transcript. On the other hand, we would like to comment Eva Karera feedback as we found her feedback quite surprising. Eva Karera had scenes with men who had huge penises. We thought that Eva Karera was a size queen and we expected her to explain to us why she was a size queen. We started to ask her if she only chose sexual partners who had huge penises for movies. She replied by saying it was a choice from US movie directors. She said US movie directors used large penis men because of lighting and the results on screen. First of all, I was surprised she used only the word: “big” to describe those large penis men actors. In Fact, they should be considered as “huge”, “enormous”, “monster”. I want to mention Eva Karera speaks in French and I interviewed her in French. There was no language issue. So I expected her to describe her sexual partners as “enorme”,”monstrueux”,”tres grand”. To my surprise, she didn’t say it so. For instance, she told me than Shane diesel penis had not so much length but a lot of girths. Coming back to the subject of the scene, she told me she also chose the porn actors she was working with. This feedback is kind of strange to my opinion. Even in the US, many female porn actresses don’t have sex with huge penis men. I know there are bigger penis xxx actors in the US than in Europe.

I asked her if she did some preparation to do scenes with those large penis men. She told me she didn’t use any dildos for preparation. I also found it was strange because i know female porn actresses use to warm up their rectum for anal sex. So i mentioned it and she told me she prepared herself for anal sex. From this information, i concluded she was aroused enough to get large penis men.

Eva told me some porn actresses didn’t want to work with large penis men because “they were scared of large penises“. This sentence reminded me what Lex Steele said about this opinion during an interview. Lexington Steele didn’t think women were really scared by his large penis. According to Lex Steele, US porn actresses are more scared of jeopardising their career by working with african american men than getting penetrated by a large penis. He also stated he was not forced to fully insert his penis in the vagina.

Eva also told me the most important thing was how the sexual partner moved. She told me her well endowed male sexual partner used to move more slowly out of the camera. She also said than penis men with smaller penises move faster.

Eva said she noticed some large penis men are not so hard. I am also doubtful about this point. I have looked at several Eva Karera movies and all men’ penis are systematically hard.

Eva said she had a tight vagina. I do think it is a psychological thing because she had sex with huge penises. I would not say she had sex with big penises but huge penises. I don’t understand why Eva didn’t describe those pornstar performers as being “huge” rather than “big”. She told me “average penises” are good because they can “go” everywhere. Eva didn’t really tell me what she felt during sexual intercourses with large penis men versus average penis men. I saw the same kind of feedback when we interviewed “does not matter” girl profiles during our research. Those women never talked about their own experience with penises but always spoke about what women think in general. It is always very difficult to get details of what a woman feels during sexual intercourse. Women often exclude the physical aspect of sex in their speech.

We also found a Eva karera youtube interview. In the following interview, Eva stated at 13:15: “to tell you the truth… In america, in porn industry, most of the time, they (the porn actors) have kind of big, huge cock…Something that i like..”

Eva Karera is really a sweet heart but her feedback had really no consistency. I noticed many paradox. We think we will never get straight answers from women even if they are porn actresses because human opinion is subjective. Furthermore, there would be always a gap between women speech and reality. Women may play with men fantasy or may reassure average penis men. They can be lots of reasons why a speech may not match reality.

On the other hand, there are many unexploited objective information sources. Science has a lot to discover regarding penis size and many social experiments can be carried out to see if penis size matters to women or not.