Why i think that penis size matters

I have been lucky enough to have more sex partners in my life than a lot of of men. I had roughly 50 female sex partners. Time after time during sexual intercourses, i have witnessed that all stereotypes about women vaginas, women orgasms were wrong. First of all, i have very rarely found tight vaginas. I only remember that 3 of my sexual partners were tight. But then, was it due to their lack of arousal or their vagina size?

Many people portray vagina as being a very sensitive part of the body. That’s why they say that large penises hurt. In my own experience, i have a penis with an average size (two male hands) and i have never hurt any women even when i have put lots of energy sometimes during penetration. By the way, i remember that some women (5 of them out 50) wanted me to move faster while i was moving back and forth very quickly. At that point, i understood that some women had high expectations during sexual intercourses. I understood that their sex partners had to be really in shape to content them. More importantly, in those particular cases, a well-endowed man had an advantage since he has to move less to provide the same level of thrust as compared to an average penis man. This well endowed man will be less tired and be able to last longer.

I also never touched any vagina end with my penis head. Consequently, i guess that all the women i had sex with could take a longer penis than mine. All my sexual partners took my entire penis. I have also seen the incredible stretching capacity of vaginas. It let me think that women can take also thicker penises.

In some positions, i have also witnessed that length was important. Otherwise, the penis would slip out all the time. Many men are not endowed enough to achieve many Kama Sutra sex positions.

In conclusion, i think people mystified so much the sexual parts of the body so that everything people know about sex is wrong.