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How to visually check if a penis is small

We will only speak about the erect penis length here because one study showed there is no strong link between the flaccid length and the erect length.

In 1996, a study published by the US journal of urology (led by Dr. Wessels) considered that a small penis measured less than 8 cm or 3.14 inches in the erect state. This length has been measured with the bone pressed methodology.

Take a ruler and place it above your penis. Press the ruler against the fat pad against the pubic bone and measure to the tip of the glans penis.

Subsequently, a man who has an 8 cm penis will not insert 8 cm in a vagina because there will be also the fat pad length between the pubic bone and the skin layer.

So, I have my own technique to check if a man’s penis is small or not. Normally a palm’s hand measure around 8 cm from side to side. So, if a man is taking his erect penis shaft in hand and if he doesn’t see the tip of the glans it means he has a small penis.


    1. It depends whether it is your flaccid or erect penis length. if it is your flaccid penis length you are totally normal

  1. I measure in at 10.5-11 inches max. How do I compare and is it normal? Been told I am very large by gf s but just wanna hear a lil more cause u can never trust ur loved ones. Haha

    1. I have investigated the case of a “too big” penis. i have never found eny evidence of such a thing. For your information, no clinical paper have been written on a “too big” penis. if a too large penis was a problem, a clinical study would exist about it. For your information, you have a penis that is above average.

      1. It is pretty easy to know if you are above average. by taking your penis with two hands. If you still see your penis head it means you are above average

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