How to measure your penis girth?

To measure your penis girth:
1. get an erection that is not provoked by a nap or a sleep.
2. Orientate your shaft to be perpendicular to the ground.
3. You need to wrap a tape measure (as seen on picture 1) around your penis shaft at mid shaft. Picture 2 shows you how to place the tape measure at the right location.
4. Slightly tighten the tape measure. Read the number where the beginning of the tape measure is located. For instance, on picture 1, the measurement would be 2.75 inches.
wrap tape measure
picture 1
penis Girth measurement
picture 2
1. If you get an erection from sleep or nap, your erection may not be as good as an erection induced by sexual arousal or viagra.
2. We choose this orientation to facilitate the number’s reading.
3. Penis glans may vary between individuals. It is more accurate to take the measurement at mid-shaft. This is also where medical studies do locate their penis girth measurement.
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