Interview of lexington steele by a dutch radio in 2005

We decided to extract the information related to penis size since we know pornstar lexington Steele has a very large penis. In this dutch radio interview, lex steele claims to have a penis measuring 11 inches long with a 7 inches girth. He mentioned he had no problem getting hard. He said he got hard just like any other men. The host asked him if he was able to think when he was hard. It was an image to ask if he had any problem related to the blood inflow during erection. Lex responded he had no problem when blood is drawn into the penis shaft. The radio interview took back in 2005 at an Amsterdam radio centre. He also reported he selected beautiful female porn stars depending on their ability to be good at sex. He does not mention women’s ability to take his large penis.

Lex steele claims that produced orgasm during sex scenes are real and genuine in his movies when he is involved in anal or vaginal penetration.

By the way, Lexington Steele has a website where you can find all his movies. Lots of them are not available in any tube sites.

TLF radio – 2005 lex steele Interview part 1:

TLF Radio – 2005 lex steele Interview part 2: