Is my penis too small ?

Several men wonder if their penis size is too small. Right now, based on the actual knowledge state of science, we can’t say if there are too small penises or not. There is no enough studies about the subject to have a strong opinion about it. Nevertheless, scientifically speaking, we know some women don’t want a partner with a small penis. Many sex specialists state the clitoris is the most sensitive organ in the sexual body and consequently, they consider there is no too small penises. In fact, it is more complicated than that. The clitoris provides a precise feeling. The Vagina provide a diffuse feeling. Consequently it is easy to interpret feelings from clitoris than vagina. It does not mean clitoris provides a better orgasm than vagina.

Officially the wessels study (published 1996 US journal of urology) states penis length enlargement should be considered if a man has a penis measuring less than 8cm (3.14″) bone pressed. It means some scientists consider that a too small penis is below 8 cm or 3.14″.

Personnally, i must say we shouldn’t forget the physical aspect of sex. Some men will not be able to achieve some sexual positions because of their penis length size. Some penises will not be long enough and it will often slip out. The porn movies are a bad example for sexual positions. Many porn actors are very well endowed. they can achieve sexual positions that are not possible for every male.

Regarding girth, we haven’t been able to find significant studies. We didn’t find any studies where some women wish a sexual partner with a specific girth size. Furthermore, we didn’t find any evidences in anatomy showing women needed a specific girth to achieve a good orgasm. Nevertheless, we found 2 studies where women thought girth size was important to them without mentioning any given size. It does not mean there is something like a too small girth. Those “girth queens” may also think a small girth is enjoyable without being satisfying sexually.