Are there too big penises ?

If you ask some women, they may tell you they don’t like big penis because it may hurt. Is there something like a too big penis? Can a penis be too big ? Are large penis painful? We decided to check this statement by using medical sources.

We looked into the US library of medicine page dedicated to vaginismus. The said webpage lists all sources for vagina pain. For instance, Candida is reported as being a source for vagina pain. Nevertheless, we didn’t find anything speaking about pain related to penis size. Then, we tried to find a paper study related to penis size and vagina pain at the US national library of medicine. We have been unable to find anything. Consequently, for the US medicine, vagina pain related to penis size does not exist.

Then, we asked 5 senior sexual medicine specialists. We asked them if they ever met a couple where the large genitalia of the male partner was a problem for sexual intercourses. They all said no. Plus some decided to back up their answer by saying that vagina can accommodate any size. By the way, it was quite interesting none of their female patients ever asked the practitioner to help her with sexual position advices for a sexual partner who has a large penis. So, this is our second information. For sex specialists (gynaecologists, sex therapists) there is nothing like a too big penis.

Then, we found out that one gynaecologist described what women could feel if an object was inserted into the vagina. He described women felt a diffuse and visceral feeling when something was inserted into the vagina. He opposed this type of feeling to skin sensation that are precise. You may say: “how does he know, he is a man”. He knows it because of his observations when he introduced a medical tool into patients’ vagina. He saw the feedbacks. He witnessed women were unable to interpret what was being done inside he vagina.

By the way, we know any penis size will hurt if a woman is not aroused enough during the sexual intercourse.

In conclusion, if we base our arguments on the actual medical knowledge, a large penis size is not a problem for sexual intercourses. Then you may say: “why so many internet comments say large penis hurts”. I will answer. Internet people are not a reliable source of information because everybody can tell a story.