Why are there large penises?

Hugecockfuck.me is a website dedicated to porn movies with very large penises. This website shows that all stereotypes related to large penises are only urban legends. You may have heard some of those myths saying that large penises are not soft only during penetration. Large penises don’t cum right away. Large penises can also get into vagina just like average penises. Large penises do not cause vagina tears.

Sexologists don’t stop to say those large penises works the same than average penises. In fact, i wonder the following: why do they exist?

A large penis is not required to have sex with a woman and have a baby.

Usually, every characteristic of a human being that exist in nature has a role in nature. So, what would the large penis role be? Some people say large penis is a mark of good genetics. However, according to my own research, i discovered there were too few large penises of that large size to really take a conclusion. Plus, we witnessed those very large penises exist in each ethnical population. Nevertheless, they are few so that many women will never know what a large penis is, in their entire life.

Anyways, we don’t have enough information today to have an opinion about very large penises.

Then, we can just witness that most of the time female porn actresses have not problem to take those huge penises. I asked porn actress Eva Karera whether she did any special preparation before participating to a scene with a large penis man. She told me she does not use to do anything special before sex with a large penis.