Opinion about Natural penis enlargement

The natural penis enlargement solutions are the non surgical solutions including devices, exercises and pills… In this section, i already talked about penis enlargement surgery dangers. So, i tried to see if i could also find medical studies that could highlight dangers of natural penis enlargement. I have not been able to find any of them. However, since 10 years, penis enlargement solutions and products are more and more mainstream. So, in that period of time, research papers could have been published to speak about natural penis enlargement dangers. However, after checking at the US library of medecine and biomedcentral website, there is no such a thing. On the other hand, i can say that ALL penis enlargement surgery solutions are risky. Some people may think penis enlargement surgery is safer because it is carried out by high skilled¬†practitioners. It is not the case.

I don’t know if any natural penis enlargement solutions are working and i am not skilled to answer it. Nevertheless,¬†there is an existing medical study that highlights the success of a penis extender. Here is the link at the US library of medecine. This penis extender is a traction device and all penis extenders work on the same basis. The research paper said the device also helped the patient penis to gain 1 to 2 cm over a 6 month period. It also mentions it helped to cure from Peyronie disease. Thus, it means the patient penis has been able to tolerate traction during 6 month without danger. In the natural penis enlargement solutions, traction is a very important aspect of it. It can be found in exercices (jelquing or milking) and also penis extenders.