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Penis size investigation

    Extract from the “does size matter?” Ebook

    Penis length investigation

    Measurement methodologies

    There are several ways to measure the length of a penis. That’s why it is very important to agree on one unique measurement procedure in order to be able to compare different penis sizes. Ideally, it would be perfect if a worldwide penis measurement protocol existed. However, today, many penis size length found in medical studies or Internet have been obtained using different measurement protocols. So, we cannot compare all penis length sizes from all the penis size studies. By the way, it is useless to measure flaccid or stretched penis size because there is no correlation between the flaccid or stretched penis size on one hand and the penis size in arousal state on the other hand.

    How to measure a penis length (bone pressed)

    The bone pressed measurement procedure requires a ruler. It measures the length of a penis whatever the curvature from the tip of the glans until the pubic bone. Such a measurement is precise compared to the non bone pressed measurement procedure because measurement is made against a solid wall.  If you want to measure yourself, this is how you have to measure yourself because this is the most precise way to get a measurement. In fact, if you want to see if your penis length change over time it is how you should measure yourself. This measurement procedure allows you to compare your penis length to the Israeli study.

    The penis should be measured on the dorsal aspect (on top) from the location where the shaft meets the body until the tip of the glans.

    Here is the procedure:

      1. The subject has to get an erection that is not provoked by a nap or a sleep
      2. Stand up
      3. Orientate the penis shaft to be perpendicular to the ground
      4. Place a ruler on top of the penis shaft and press it against the skin until you feel a solid wall. This “wall” is the pubic bone.
      5. Take the measure by really looking above the glans penis. (head of the penis)
      6. Don’t forget to subtract the starting blank space from the ruler.

    bone pressed penis length measurement

    Figure meslen – Penis Length measurement

    Non bone Pressed

    This measurement procedure starts from the point where the shaft meets your body without pressing the skin against the pubic bone until the tip of the glans on dorsal aspect. This Measurement is not precise, because it will change depending on the subject’s fat pad length.  Subsequently, a man’s penis will gain or loose length depending on its fat pad length. Gentlemen, the more you gain weight, the more you loose penis length with this measurement methodology..

    Many studies like the Wessells study used with this methodology. However, we cannot compare penis sizes using this methodology. Nevertheless, it looks like the non bone pressed measurement is closer to the insertable length in the vagina.

    Bone pressed versus non bone pressed

    The bone pressed methodology is good to compare individuals but it does not measure the length that can be inserted into the vagina. The fat pad length that is located between the pubic bone and the skin plays a big role regarding length. Difference between the non bone pressed and the bone pressed measurement can be very high because of that. Even with a healthy subject, the difference is noticeable. Two healthy subjects may have a considerable fat pad length difference.

    Thanks to the bone pressed measurement methodology you can compare your erect penis to the Wessells study and the israeli study.

    The Penis length studies review

    We looked into all the penis size surveys and we discovered almost all the penis size surveys are not usable for several reasons.

    Most of them are based on men self-reported measurements like in anonymous online surveys. This kind of data gathering is not reliable as everybody can provide fake data. People can also make mistakes. We discovered a funny thing when we looked into penis size studies using self-reported methodology. Their median figures were on average 1 inch (2.54cm) above the penis size studies measured by medical staff. There is like some inflation of the penis size average when the self reported methodology is used. Among the penis size studies that used the self reported measurement, we found the famous Gebhard and Johnson 1979 study. They carried out the last penis size study for the Kinsey institute. A famous institute may have carried out a penis size study, it does not make it «universal truth» for us. We will not review  the surveys based on self-reported measurements. We identified only one private study and two medical studies with measurements performed by medical staff. Only on-site professionals should measure penises for a valid study. This kind of operation is very difficult to setup and those studies are really rare. We can only compare studies with the same methodology.

    Secondly many studies measured the stretched penis length. This measurement is totally useless to us for several reasons. Stretched penis measurements cannot help us to know the erect penis size. In fact, other studies prove we can’t calculate erect penis size from the stretched penis size. Every penis grows more or less when it comes to the erect state. A Turkish study found 60% accuracy in forecasting the erect penis length from the stretched length. Furthermore, the stretched penis state doesn’t have any natural sexual function. In other words, we cannot really use it for anything.

    At last there is also an issue with erection. An erection has to be provoked for measurement. Either the erection is provoked by drugs injection or naturally. The drugs injection is the best option has it offers the best possible erection quality. In the Wessells study and the Israeli study, the erection state has been induced by drugs.

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