Penis size – Why will you never get an answer from online forums

Sex forums visitors are a special kind of audience. It means they come to a sex forum for a particular reason. Thus, they don’t represent the whole population. If a woman has a good sex life she will never visit a sex forum. That can also be the case for a man. In the sex forums, we end up with people who most likely have a sexual issue. In those sex forums threads we read opinions of people who don’t have a fulfilling sex life.

I do know so because i have seen that most of the time, there is a HUGE lack of sexual knowledge (anatomy, relationship, reality) in those sex forums. In other words, It is almost all bad information. To be precise there is something like 50 bad comments for 1 good comment.

At the end this fact shows why online surveys are not reliable. If someone (myself or a university or an institute) wants to do a survey and start to post their survey in sex forums, they will get answers from this particular audience. Then, in the results, they may say “XX percentage of males or females are thinking that…” . The results will may be wrong because it will not show the opinion of the whole population.

In fact, in order to do a good survey, we would need to ask people randomly in the real world. This kind of survey procedure looks very difficult to setup.

In fact, Internet created a virtual opinion about sex. I do think it doesn’t reflect reality.

On the other hand, medical studies are also available over the internet. Gynaecologists can also be contacted. But those information sources are never used as a reference. When we wrote the Ebook, we used the gynaecologists  feedback.