Review of The authentic women’s penis size preference chart

Girth size:

We took the lifestyle condom girth distribution results and we compared it to the “authentic women’s penis size preference chart. First of all, we think the lifestyles condom girth sizes should be accurate because it is easier to measure girth over length. For girth, the circumference is measured at midshaft of the penis. Furthermore, we know that this girth is really inserted into the vagina as it is. So in the ideal range from this picture, there is only a bit more than 1% of the male population within this penis girth range according to the lifestyle condom penis size study.

In that case, we took the penis length data from the Journal of Urology study (Wessells study) that has been published in 1996. The methodology that was used to measure penises is “bone pressed”. The bone pressed methodology measures from the pubic bone to the tip of the glans. We would normally need to subtract the fat length in order to get the real inserted length. In other words, the bone pressed penis sizes are higher than insertable penis length sizes.
If we compare the penis length of this chart to the length measurements in Wessels study, there is less than 7,4% of men in that range.

Besides, This “authentic women penis size preference chart” does not come with any explanation that would describe the methodology that has been used to come up with such a chart result. ¬†Furthermore, many questions can be raised. Who ordered this chart ? for which purposes?

This chart is a hoax and I will explain you why.

We may disagree on how to measure a penis length. You can put the ruler on the top of the penis, on the side of the penis, under the penis. You can press it against the skin or not. On the other hand, when it comes to girth, it is really simple. So, I do think that the girth measurements on this chart are fanciful. If the girth measurements are fake, I do think the length is fake too.

Men should not think that they have a small penis by looking at those penis size charts that we find on the internet.

authentic penis size preference chart

All of that questions the data authenticity of such a chart.