review of the penis size debate website

This website highlights some true facts but it doesn’t give evidences for every statement. By the way, when we wrote our Ebook, we thought about this issue. Every fact that has been registered in our Ebook has a reference. We keep folders with transcription of our interviews, chats, email exchanges, medical studies papers. We thought it is the only way to get a serious starting point. The ebook is not the writing of an opinion but it is the result of an objective research.

Furthermore, we found it is not accurate to illustrate a website by using pictures that doesn’t reflect reality. Just like in websites that sells jelqing exercices or pills, the penis size debate admin decided to choose very large penis pictures that represent only the top 5% of male population. Thus, no men can really identify himself to such illustrations. Every man will feel that his penis is really short compared to what he sees on the website.

Nevertheless, we can’t deny that we agree with many facts presented in the penis size debate website. For instance, we witnessed the women’ visual arousal caused by the vision of a large penis. After reading the penis size debate, we have the feeling everything is black and white and all women are size queens. I will not say it is a wrong statement but there is today not enough evidences to prove if it is right or wrong.

We also agree over the physical aspect related to penis size. Just like the penis size debate, we also observed the same importance of penis size during sexual intercourse. It means penis size is important in the context of sexual positions diversity and penetration quality.