Sex position advices for small penis men

Oral sex: Lots of people think foreplay is the key to satisfying a woman. While we did our research for our Ebook, we discovered 1/ there was no evidence about it 2/ all women were more interested in receiving oral sex than anything else. So, it is the first thing a small penis man has to do. He has to give oral sex. It means he has to focus on the clitoris and the vagina using tongue and fingers. Men should not be stressed. It is easier to content a woman with a tongue and fingers than satisfying her with a penis. So just take your time and stimulate the clitoris and the whole labia. Fingering: I really advise to follow the technics from Dr. Chua Chee ann. This doctor discovered the A spot also called the AFE zone. AFE zone means anterior fornix erogenous zone. This is not the G spot but A spot = AFE zone = AFE zona. Here is the website from this person who discovered the A spot almost 20 years ago. Dr. chua chee ann helps women to get sexual satisfaction in courses. The Dr. Chua chee ann procedure is easy. You follow the finger technics videos and you automatically give a woman an orgasm from your fingers.

Sex positions: For a man who has a small penis, the best sexual position is the deep impact position (sex position picture under the link). This sexual position allows deep penetration and it allows men to have control over the penetration. By being on the side of the bed, the small penis man will be less tired than having sex on the bed using the deep stick sexual position. A small penis man is doing much more moves during sexual intercourse. Choosing the deep impact sex position allows him to get less tired. Nevertheless, the deep instinct is a good alternative. The Delight position is also very interesting. It is derived from the missionary position. Just like the deep stick position, being on the side of the bed is a great advantage. On the other hand, I think the sex positions from the cowgirl family are not good because of vagina orientation versus penis orientation. Also, the sex positions of the rear entry family may be a problem for the small penis man as he “loses” precious length because of the bottom’s flesh.