The MAJOR “Lifestyles condom” study problem

Many people refer to the lifestyles condom penis size study as the most reliable source for determining average penis size. During summer 2001, 300 males have been their penis measured by a medical staff.

However we don’t know how the medical staff measured the volunteers. The datasource is also not available. In fact, the lifestyles condom company never published its measurement methodology and its datasource for both length and girth.

Thus, Any measurement procedure presented over the internet are just supposedly true but there is NO EVIDENCE at all. The Wikipedia page dedicated to “penis size” withdrew the charts given by the lifestyle condom study.¬†We appreciate the decision of wikipedia contributions who didn’t want to give wrong information to people.

I have decided myself to delete my original article about the lifestyle condom study. I have found that it could be very much an urban legend because no witnesses talked about it.

We have no information about the medical staff who did the job and no information about the participants. It would have been easy to testify even anonymously.