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Debunking the World penis size map hoax

    You may have seen this world map of the average penis size since it has been a big buzz all over the internet from blogs to online newspapers like creative loafing. We took the time to look into this map in order to know if it was real or not. First of all by looking at the map, in the title, there is no mention of the penis size state. we don’t see anywhere the words: flaccid, stretched or erect. Furthermore, there is no mention of “average” anywhere. So, let’s imagine this is the world map of the average erect penis size. There is a big number of colors everywhere. It means the person who created this map gathered a lot of information about the erect penis sizes averages from all over the world. However, when we type “erect penis size” in the US library of medecine,, we only get 25 results. registers all official medical studies from all over the world. So, it means there is only 25 public researches about penis size in the world. I didn’t find any evidences of any other penis sizes studies. By the way, not all those 25 studies give penis size measurements. This fact is confirmed by the “human penis size” section in wikipedia. The wikipedia article refers to less than 10 penis size studies. Then, we wanted to find the data source of that map. We found the table that has been used to create the map.   Here are some of our observations regarding the data source:

    • We would like to give you some information about measurement procedure . There are many way to measure a penis. There are the bone pressed and the none bone pressed measurements methodology. In official medical studies, the bone pressed erect penis measurement methodology is only found in a small percentage of existing penis size studies. In fact, until now, researchers focused a lot on the stretched and flaccid penis sizes as it is easier to measure. Nevertheless, we can’t use the flaccid and the stretched penis length measurement to get the erect penis length as there is no correlation between them. In order to be able to compare penis size all over the world, we need to compare studies that share the same measurement methodology. This map doesn’t compare studies that used the same methodology. For instance, in the study that provided the average penis size for USA, medical staff performed a bone pressed measurement. In the study that provided the average penis size in France,  measurements have been self reported by men. As you can see we can’t compare those two studies as the methodology is different. By the way, no methodology is published in the legend of this map.

    Click to get a deeper Video Analysis of that map