Howard Stern’s Smallest penis contest video

Warning, the video may be graphic to some people, your discretion is advised

In 2006, Radio host Howard stern organized a small penis contest on Air. In the background, Howard stern had the impression he had a small package. That’s why he decided to organize this contest. Around 18 participants showed up for the Radio show. They walked in naked facing four judges and Howard Stern himself. For the first time ever, the small penis men reality was exposed on a medium. Those men have a short penis but you can see they look totally healthy and have a normal life. There is no other hint in their body that would let us know they have a small penis. Additionally, the testimonies from those small penis men highlight the cruel reality of women opinion about the small penis size.

This TV show also highlights the importance of fat as a parameter for penis size. The thinner you are and the bigger your penis is. If you are over weight, you will loose penis length size because of the fat pad length. Then, you will be able to insert less length during sexual intercourse if you are overweight.

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