Well-endowed men are alpha males

Some people wonder who are the real alpha males in the human society. I think the real alpha males are the men with the largest penises. When both a woman or a man watches a large penis, they both witness it visual power. A large penis looks powerful to both men and women.

Unlike other mamals there can be huge penis size differences between two human being. On top of that, there can be huge size differences between two men from the same ethnic group.

When you put two penises from different sizes next to each other, you can see that even without fight, without talk, without any cultural influence, the largest penis “wins” over the smallest penis.

Penis of alpha male vs beta male

It is not a question of race. It is not a question of culture. It has nothing to do with a cuckolding fetish. It is not related to a psychological mindset. In this context, the alpha male is the man with the biggest penis and the beta male is the man with the smallest penis.

In the human species, men never really fighted each other to mate with a female. It looks like the penis size did the natural selection. Compared to chimps, the male human has a large genitalia. This is because women always chose the sexual partners with the large genitalia over the years. The offspring inheritated from the large penis from ancestors. Women always mated with men who had the largest penis.

Now, the layer of culture, education, and religion separate people from understanding the biological truth.

It is useless to try to fight the truth. It is also better to accept and embrasse the truth to better accept this aspect of human nature. The human nature is full of contrainsts. Some people are born tall, other people are born short. We all die someday. Life is life.