Wessells study measurements results

Extract from Wessells study paper:

Penile dimensions in 80 subjects

The participants panel includes healthy men from 21 to 82 years old. Age average was 54 years old. We know fat pad length gets wider when we gain weight. Thus, someone who is overweight, “lose” penis length. This study found that men aged above 40 years old had a much deeper fat pad length than men aged below 40 years old.

They divided the participants panel into two categories: 1/ men above 40 years old 2/ men below 40 years old or younger. The average fat pad length from category 1 measured 1.7cm. Fat pad length average from category 2 measured 3.06 cm. Consequently the average penis size is not the same for category 1 and 2.

Men aged 40 and younger had an average penis size measuring 14.3 cm
Men aged above 40 had an average penis size measuring 12.6 cm (equals flaccid penis length + erect increase length).


Dimension Mean I SD (range)
Age (yrs) 54   +-  14 (21-82)
Flaccid length (cm.) 8.85 +- 2.38 (5.0-15.5)
Flaccid circumference (em.) 9.71+-1.17 (6.5-13.0)
Fat pad depth (cm.) 2.85 +- 1.59 (0.5-7.6)
Stretched length (cm. ) 12.45 +- 2.71 (7.5-19.0)
Erect length (cm.) 12.89 +- 2.91 (7.5-19.0)
Erect circumference (cm.) 12.30 +- 1.31 (9.0-16.0)
Erect increase in length (cm.) 4.04 +- 1.65 (0.5-9.0)
Functional length (cm.) 15.74 +- 2.62 (9.0-21.0)
Flaccid vol. (cc) 43.62 +- 15.19 (21.25-87.0)
Erect vol. (cc.) 80.16 +- 23.20 (33.75-152.0)

If you want to get the penis length distribution chart from the 1996 US journal of Urology study, buy our Ebook (Exclusivity. You will not find it everywhere else on the net). “non bone pressed” means they measured from the top of the glans to the junction where the shaft meets the body. Notice this number is not the insertable length.

Wessells study paper title

Extract from the Wessells paper study regarding the penis length methodology. You can see here the evidence that the scientists used the bone pressed measurement methodology. The article states that: “Measurements were made of the length from the pubo-penile skin junction to the meatus, circumference at the mid shaft and fat pad depth by pushing the tape into the pubic bone.” Thus, the erect, flaccid and stretched penis size average does not count the fat pad depth.

Wessells study paper extract