What to do if you have a small penis to please a woman

  1. Share her with a better-endowed man. Go to a swinger club or find a man with a large penis online that could please her.
  2. Buy her sex toys. The best would be to buy a wide variety of sex toys. Don’t try to focus on large toys. Think about vibrators. Think about interactive vibrators like the lovense lush that you can remotely operate from a mobile phone.
  3. Don’t convince yourself that you have a large penis. Choose the easiest sexual positions when you have sex with her.
  4. Don’t play a role where you would be dominant. This would not be accurate and it may deteriorate your relationship.

After interviewing several experienced women, I have found that some women left their boyfriend because they weren’t sexually satisfied. Thus, every idea that you can have to make your girlfriend or your wife happy will be good for your relationship. People are wrong when they say that couples can break up after a swinger’s party. It is the opposite. It helps to release the sexual tensions and the sexual frustrations if there are any.

Nothing can compensate for your lack of size during penetration. However, it is possible to find a solution. If for instance, you share your girlfriend or your wife with a large penis man, she is going to be sexually satisfied. Then, she will not need more sex. From what I understood, the best solution for women would be to have sex with a man who has a good penis size. apart from that, sex toys can be pleasurable but they will not compensate for the pleasure of a real man’s penis.

For sure, everything you can read in the magazine is wrong. Sexual intercourse is a very simple act. When a man has a small penis he can’t provide deep penetration and his penis can slip out several times during sex.