women magazines and the penis size topic

For years, women’s magazines didn’t stop saying that size did not matter and that man personnality was much more important. Those articles are very similar from each other. They start saying that a man’s personality is much more important than his penis size and they call an obscure psychologist or MDs to backup their thesis. However, they never refer to medical studies. Now, there are lots of studies about the subject but female magazines ignore them. Nowadays, it is going to get harder and harder because there are more and more studies saying that penis size matters. I recommend you to take a look at our list of existing medical studies stating that penis size matter. (list)

Strangely enough, women magazines rarely talk about men who have a very short penis. However, that’s a major issue for couples because a man with a very short penis will not able to perform many sex positions and his penis will often slip out if he does not do the right sex positions. I think it is better to tackle the short penis issue rather than ignoring it.