Is the asian small penis a myth ?

There are everlasting rumours saying the average asian penis size is smaller than caucasian or african penis size average. We decided to look for any asian penis size study that could confirm this statement. We have been unable to find any public or private studies related to the asian penis size. In other words, we can’t say if the asian average penis size is smaller than the caucasian or african penis size. Pornographic movies and rumours help believe asian men have smaller penises. However, after my own research, i discovered the caucasian average penis size was totally over-estimated. Even after understanding that caucasian porn actors are better endowed than majority of caucasian men, we still witnessed the penis size gap is bigger between the performers and the “boy-next-door” after looking at the penis size studies.  Porn movies are a bad data source from that point of view. It shows a small fraction of asian,caucasian and african penis sizes. On the other hand, we know asian men with large penises exist. We wrote an article about it here. Consequently there is no evidence asian men have a smaller penis on average. By the way, we sent an email to the japanese condom maker Kimono, and we asked them if the following condom (kimono microthin condom) has a different size if it is bought in Japan. We don’t have any answers yet. Kimono condoms sell products in the USA and Japan. They are famous for their ultra-thin condoms. In the following picture you can see a made in Japan Kimono ultrathin condom in its U.S. version.

Furthermore, if you are an asian man, take the measure of your penis using the bone pressed measurement methodology here.