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How to measure your penis length?

real bone pressed

Bone pressed measurement procedure:
To measure an erect penis size, here are the steps to follow. This procedure shows you how to measure your erect penis length to be able to compare it to serious penis size studies. What you see here is known as the bone pressed method of measuring a penis.
  1. the subject has to get an erection that is not provoked by a nap or a sleep
  2. Stand up
  3. Orientate the penis shaft to be perpendicular to the ground
  4. Place a ruler on top of your shaft and press it to your skin until you feel a solid wall. This “wall” is the pubic bone.
  5. Take the measure by really looking above your glans penis. (head of the penis)
  6. Don’t forget to subtract the starting blank space from the ruler.

Some people are wondering, “what is the difference between the bone pressed measurement procedure and the non bone pressed measurement procedure ?”. In the non bone pressed measurement you don’t press the ruler to your skin.

  • Non-bone pressed measurement: Penis length from meatus to pubo-penile junction
  • Bone pressed measurement: Penis length from meatus to pubic bone. (penis shaft length + fat pad length).

However, the non bone pressed measurement method is not reliable because of the fat pad length. Some men are fatter than others. Fat makes you lose penis length size, when fat is accumulating under your skin below your belly. Thus, we cannot compare two individuals using the non-bone pressed measurement. A man cannot even compare himself  from one day to another since he may gain or lose weight. The fat pad length phenomenon is highlighted during the smallest penis contest that has been hold at the Howard Stern Radio show. Watch the Howard Stern show here. One of the participants has so much fat so that we cannot see his penis.

This measurement procedure will allow you to compare your penis length to the 2000 Tel aviv sourasky study led by Dr. J. Chen where 55 penises from caucasian men have been measured on dorsal aspect. This is the only study where the measurement methodology was clearly described. The Wessells study is vague regarding the positioning of the tape. Measurements may differ whether you put the tape on the penis or by the penis. The Tel aviv study is clear about it. Measurements have been done “on dorsal aspect”.

Using the procedure above, the Tel aviv Sourasky medical center study concluded the average erect penis length was equal to 13.6 cm (5.35″) bone pressed for 55 participants aged between 21 and 78 years old. (median age: 47 yrs old)

Don’t compare your penis size to the lifestyles condom study. Click here to know why.
Don’t compare your penis size to the penis size study of the Kinsey institute. Click here to know why.

We also don’t mention the Wessells study because we found they did measurements using the non bone pressed methodology and then calculating the fat pad length on its own with a tape. I think it is not possible to have accurate data about bone pressed measurements by adding fat pad length and non bone pressed.

By the way a good ruler is necessary. The following ruler is marked with inches on one side and cm on the other. But more importantly the marking almost starts at the ruler edge. Since the rule is made in wood, you can slightly plane the ruler edge to start the marking at the very beginning of the ruler. It will prevent you to make mistakes when you look at your penis size. It will also ease the measurement procedure.


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  3. Using a ruler doesn’t give an accurate measurement of penis length as some penises curve quite a bit. Penis studies that use a ruler without straightening the penis could be “short-changing” themselves. Such studies would probably do better to use a tape measure.

    1. I agree because mine is slightly curved and measures about 7.5″ (approx.) when fully erect, bone pressed, with a measured w/a tape-measure for sewing. It measures about 6.5″ (same methodology) if measured w/a ruler.

  4. I wanna know, is the ruler place flat on the penis or is it placed so that its side is facing up. With teh former method i get about 13.3 cm but with the later i get bout 14cm. Which is correct?

      1. Ok but another thing, jus how hard do you press in because if u jam it in till it hits the bone it hurts.

        1. This is how it has been measured. hitting the pubic bone. Below the skin, there is some fat. If someone is overweight, he will lose lots of length because of his fat pad. Furthermore, in a man’s life, he can gain weight or lose weight. in order to know the real length of a penis, one should hit the pubic bone with a ruler.

          1. Yes but was the length 15.8 cm on average with this particular method. I want to know how i fair to average.

          2. Yes but was the average length with this particular method. I want to know how i fair to average.

  5. I don’t understand:the penis must be oriented parallel to the floor? (perpendicular to the body) Thanks!

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