Bone pressed and non bone pressed measurement comparison

Let’s explain, the two measurement techniques. with the bone pressed measurement methodology, you have a ruler and you press it to on the skin until you touch the pubic bone. With the non bone pressed measurement, you use a tape measure and you measure on top of the penis from the location where the shaft meets the skin to the tip of the glans penis.

First of all, if a man wants to compare his penis size to penis size studies, he has to use the bone pressed measurement. The non bone pressed measurement can’t be used to compared several penises. This issue is related to the variable fat for each male. Let’s imagine the following scenario. You have a bigger penis than someone else but you are overweight and he is healthy. If the non bone pressed measurement is used, you may appear to have a smaller penis than him in numbers. This issue is due to the fat between the pubic bone and the skin. As you get weight, fat is stored in the fat pad. This location is called the fat pad length.

Also, the non bone pressed measurement is changing all the time for a particular male during his life. A particular male may loose weight or gain weight during his life. Consequently, the fat pad will get length or loose length. His penis length size will also change if he measures up his penis with non bone pressed measurement methodology.
Nevertheless, we may say the bone pressed measurement doesn’t measure the insertable length. That is true. the bone pressed measurement doesn’t provide any information about the insertable length. I think the bone pressed measurement gives a measure that is close to the insertable length but then, there is also other parameters like the penis curvature.