How many are size queens in the female population ?

In 2002, the European urology magazine published a dutch study related to the penis size preference. Dr Francken, van de Wiel, van Driel, and Schultz asked women if they gave importance to penis size. (reference) They asked them if penis length was “very important”, “important”, “unimportant or totally unimportant”. They did the same with penis girth. Results: Penis length was important to very important for 21% of the female population and Penis girth was important to very important for 32% of the female population. The study mentioned that women who said they gave importance to length were the same women group who gave importance to girth with more women giving importance to girth.

It looks like interesting results, isn’t it ? BUT there is a catch.

1. The response rate was 45%. It means 55% of women refused to answer. 55% is a big number. What did the majority of women refuse to answer? However, the survey was totally anonymous in the form of a written questionnaire.

2. Interviewees were “375 sexually active women who had recently given birth at the University Hospital Groningen“. Thus, the interviewees were not representative of the whole female population as they were at a very special time of their life. Childbirth involve psychological changes that have been proven by other studies. We do think new mothers are concerned by other things than penis sizes.

Even if the study cannot be used to know if size matters or not, it highlighted the existence of size queens.  This study says that 2 dutch women out of 10 are length size queens and 3 dutch women out of 10 are girth size queens. Those figures are very high. That is not a marginal phenomenon.

We didn’t include this survey to our Ebook because we didn’t know the methodology that was used to get those numbers. Furthermore, we think one VERY IMPORTANT parameter has been forgotten. This parameter is the number of sexual partners for each interviewee. We think some women cannot know penis size differences because they don’t have enough sex experience. For instance, if a woman had only 1 sex partner in her lifetime and if she never tried dildos, how can she knows if penis girth or penis length is important to her ?

By the way there is another good study about penis size preference led by Stuart brody