Study said “Penis size matters”

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In 2009, a study led by professor Stuart Brody from western scotland university stated that size did matter. (reference here) 1000 czech women were asked to compare their partner’s penis length to a czech bank note. The bank note measures 14.5 cm (5.8 inches). Based on this measure, they were asked whether they were more or less likely to orgasm with a longerĀ penis, whether length made no difference, or whether they had not had enough experience to judge. 34% said they will likely have an orgasm with a larger than average penis. The rest of women said it didn’t make any difference to them.

This study is the only one that is about importance of penis length in heterosexual intercourses. The bank note was given as the average erect penis length. In fact, 14.5 cm is a very optimistic average erect penis size. In fact, all the studies that have been chosen in our Ebook have a small average erect penis length. This study is controversial because the results are based on subjective perceptions. In the “Does size matter?” Ebook, we faced a women behaviour that is called penis size exaggeration. So, we are very cautious when it comes to penis size estimation. Furthermore, we cannot make a conclusion from only one study.
By the way, we didn’t include this study in our Ebook because we didn’t know what to do with it. Actually, we don’t know the exact protocole that has been used for the survey. It is very important to know if those women were on their own in a booth filling a form or if a person was in a room with them. In our own interviews we discovered women were very influenced by their interviewer. We have to look into the procedure that has been used before including it in the future edition.To finish, This women preference for a penis size echo another study. I think about the 2002 dutch study available here.