Does penis size matter?

  • If penile penetration didn’t have a benefit to women, if penile penetration was a problem in any sense there would be no humankind.
  • Everybody has to admit, there are men with small, average and large penis length. In fact, Penis volume (length+girth) can be tremendously different between two penises.
  • From a physical point of view, penis size does matter because of the physical aspect of sex. A large penis man is able to perform any sexual position more easily than a small penis man. A small penis man has more limitations than a large penis man in terms of sexual positions. Besides, a man with a large penis will be able to provide a good penetration quality in every position. It means penis will not likely slip out. I want to mention the following: Medias and Md’s never tackle the physical aspect of sex. They make believe every man can do every sexual position.
Except this obvious physical aspect, answers are way more complicated to give because it comes to human perception. It is about both men and women perception. There is a gap between reality and opinions given by human beings. However there are other objective ways to know this issue using medical studies, sex therapists and surveys. Thus, when we investigated the question “does penis size matter?”, we asked medical staffs and we looked into medical studies.
  • We discovered there is no evidence that penis size does not matter. Then, we discovered there is nothing like a too big penis in the actual knowledge state of science. From that point, it means the question is accurately open because Science does not say that penis size does not matter.
  • Did you know that science has already a beginning of answer regarding the question “does size of the penis matter?”. A 2002 dutch study carried out by university staff stated that 20% of dutch women considered penis length to be important and 32% considered penis girth to be important. Consequently we can say penis size matters to SOME women.
to be continued…