Review of My penis and everyone else’s documentary

My Penis and Everyone Else’s from Lawrence Barraclough on Vimeo.

The documentary tackles the penis size issue from men and women perspective. Among the interesting points in this doc made by Lawrence Barraclough, this documentary highlights the increasing interest into male enhancements products. This interest has been confirmed by a study that stated majority of men wanted a large penis. Several reasons may explain this envy for a bigger penis. The documentary speaks about the importance of pornography but it can also be the decreasing female sexual attention towards men and a need for men to find ways to attract women. Pornography is always exposed as the number 1 cause for buying penis enlargement products. However the small penis syndrome comes up at the beginning of the puberty before young men are influenced by the consumption society. The xxx movies producer is wrong when he says that men sees penises in movies only. In fact, each men has a first encounter with other men’s penis in the locker room at age of puberty. Nevertheless, i must admit a large majority of porn actors are large. Within the large penis size spectrum, you have a wide range of possible penis size. It makes believe this spectrum is the normal spectrum of penis size.

In the video, the host introduced the lifestyles condom study as a serious penis size study. However, i must say lifestyles condom never published any measurement methodology. Noone knows if the nurses used a tape or a ruler and if the measurement was bone pressed or not. Plus, the source of erection is not really clear. We don’t know how many participants got an erection from chemicals and how many got an erection naturally. In other words, the lifestyles condom study is far from being perfect.

During the penis clay replica session. One sentence caught my attention. One women said that: “I m thinking it could smaller In my mind, i want it bigger than it is actually necessary”

During the ride with Jarrod, he stated he had a 7 inch penis with 6 inches circumference. it is not possible to have that length and that girth with such a flaccid penis size. His length and girth size is smaller. By the way his flaccid penis looks totally normal and average.

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To conclude; i have the feeling, this documentary is more a psychological self therapy than everything else because he started the video with a firm belief. According to the host, size only matters in the head. So, the doc does not expose facts because a judgement is made at the middle of the documentary. Nevertheless, the title is totally accurate. It is about my penis and everyone else’s. Whatever our belief, the video highlights the importance of penis size in our western society.