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Female celebrities opinion about big penises

Rihanna admits she likes big penises during a radio interview: Lady Gage clearly states she is looking for a “big dick” in a man: Janet jackson is a size queen: http://www.vh1.com/photos/gallery/?fid=1582584&pid=2775537

List of Studies confirming penis size importance

April 2013 – More Frequent Vaginal Orgasm Is Associated with Experiencing Greater Excitement from Deep Vaginal Stimulation. Brody S, Klapilova K, Krejčová L. School of Social Sciences, University of the West of Scotland, Paisley, UK. (reference). Early life masturbation influences the vagina responsiveness to deep vaginal penetration. In other words, early life masturbation helps women’s vagina to enjoy … Read more

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Why are there large penises?

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Evidence that Pr. Hunter Wessells study measurements were non-bone pressed

Extract from the Wessells paper study regarding the penis length methodology. You can see here the evidence that the scientists used the bone pressed measurement methodology. The article states that: “Measurements were made of the length from the pubo-penile skin junction to the meatus, circumference at the mid shaft and fat pad depth by pushing … Read more

Debunking the Penis size distribution by ethnicity chart hoax

You may have seen this chart somewhere on the Internet. It is entitled “penis size distribution by ethnicity”. There is no additional legend. Firstly, There is no description and we don’t know if it is about the erect,flaccid or stechted penis size. On the right left hand, we can see BMJ. (British medical journal). After … Read more

Review of My penis and everyone else’s documentary

My Penis and Everyone Else’s from Lawrence Barraclough on Vimeo. The documentary tackles the penis size issue from men and women perspective. Among the interesting points in this doc made by Lawrence Barraclough, this documentary highlights the increasing interest into male enhancements products. This interest has been confirmed by a study that stated majority of … Read more

Penis girth investigation

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Penis size investigation

Diagram to measure your penis length

Extract from the “does size matter?” Ebook Penis length investigation Measurement methodologies There are several ways to measure the length of a penis. That’s why it is very important to agree on one unique measurement procedure in order to be able to compare different penis sizes. Ideally, it would be perfect if a worldwide penis … Read more

russian women measuring their vagina depth video Review

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review of the penis size debate website

This website highlights some true facts but it doesn’t give evidences for every statement. By the way, when we wrote our Ebook, we thought about this issue. Every fact that has been registered in our Ebook has a reference. We keep folders with transcription of our interviews, chats, email exchanges, medical studies papers. We thought … Read more

Review of The authentic women’s penis size preference chart

Girth size: We took the lifestyle condom girth distribution results and we compared it to the “authentic women’s penis size preference chart. First of all, we think the lifestyles condom girth sizes should be accurate because it is easier to measure girth over length. For girth, the circumference is measured at midshaft of the penis. … Read more

Debunking the World penis size map hoax

You may have seen this world map of the average penis size since it has been a big buzz all over the internet from blogs to online newspapers like creative loafing. We took the time to look into this map in order to know if it was real or not. First of all by looking … Read more