Do women like big penises?

It is a contentious and sensitive issue. Let’s get it straight, we found two studies where some women admitted penis length or girth were important to them. There is a study carried in Czech republic by Dr Stuart Brody where 34% of women said they would more likely orgasm from a larger than average penis (Reference) and there is another study carried in the netherlands where 21% of women said penis length was important to them. In this last study, 32% of female population also stated penis girth was important to them.(Reference). Thus, the second study give support to the first stuart brody’s study.

This is the actual knowledge state of science. I also think online forums and articles do not provide reliable information regarding penis size. To be able to speak about penises, a woman has to try several of them. Many girls who speak about the penis size subject, are not able to do so because they don’t have enough sexual experience. According to Chandra Mosher and Jones (2005 study), a US female has on average 4 sexual partners in her lifetime.(Reference). A woman who had 4 sexual partners didn’t try enough penis sizes to be able to compare it. In our “Penis size does matter!” Ebook, we discovered many more sexual partners are required to provide an opinion about penis size. In conclusion, a majority of women are not able to say if they like large penis or not because they never tried it. Thus, we cannot believe a woman’s opinion about penis size if she does not provide her exact (true) number of sexual partners.

We wonder now, if every woman had many more sexual partners, what would the studies results be? We are convinced women would have a different view over penis size as they would have tried more penis sizes. In Fact, we would need a study where women are asked to provide the number of sexual partners. Then, we would need to only keep the ones who had a high number of sexual partner in order to get a proper answer. Right now, studies does not include the number of male sexual partners.

Now, if we would only retain the data from women who had more than or equal to 10 sexual partners, i think we would clearly see if women consider 1/ penis length or penis girth important to them and 2/ if they will orgasm from a more than average penis.

The actual women’ comments over the internet saying that penis size does not matter, that large penis may hurt or that they don’t want a larger than average penis is not informative if they don’t also provide their number of sexual partners. A woman who had 4 sexual partners don’t know how different significant penis sizes feel. None of those comments should be taken into account. After doing our research, we counted that 10 sexual partners are required for a woman to have an overview of all significant penis sizes.

By the way, a high number of penis size in the average category does not mean it is the best penis size to sexually satisfy women. So the question still remains open.