How to measure your penis girth?

wrap tape measure

To measure your penis girth: 1. get an erection that is not provoked by a nap or a sleep. 2. Orientate your shaft to be perpendicular to the ground. 3. You need to wrap a tape measure (as seen on picture 1) around your penis shaft at mid shaft. Picture 2 shows you how to place … Read more

Actual knowledge state of human penis size

When we started writing our Ebook (available here), we discovered there were very few reliable studies. First of all, we had to reject many public and private studies. There were many studies where the measurement methodology has not been published. Without clear measurement procedure, you can’t compare the measurements to anything. Then, we had to … Read more

Is the asian small penis a myth ?

There are everlasting rumours saying the average asian penis size is smaller than caucasian or african penis size average. We decided to look for any asian penis size study that could confirm this statement. We have been unable to find any public or private studies related to the asian penis size. In other words, we … Read more

Danger of penis length enlargement surgery

First of all, let’s remind you penis enlargement surgery is expensive. It costs between $4000 and $10,000. According to the Wessels study (published in the journal of Urology in 1996) penis enlargement solution should be an option for men who have a penis measuring less than 8 cm bone pressed (3.15 inches). The penis length … Read more

Study said “Penis size matters”

In 2009, a study led by professor Stuart Brody from western scotland university stated that size did matter. (reference here) 1000 czech women were asked to compare their partner’s penis length to a czech bank note. The bank note measures 14.5 cm (5.8 inches). Based on this measure, they were asked whether they were more … Read more

Opinion about Natural penis enlargement

The natural penis enlargement solutions are the non surgical solutions including devices, exercises and pills… In this section, i already talked about penis enlargement surgery dangers. So, i tried to see if i could also find medical studies that could highlight dangers of natural penis enlargement. I have not been able to find any of … Read more

difference between Growers and Showers (penis)

There are two kind of men penis, the growers and the showers. The showers are penises that will not grow tremendously during erection. The growers are penises that will grow tremendously during erection. Some men have a penis belonging to the shower group and others belonging to the grower group. Thus, it is useless to … Read more

How to Make your own penis replica

Glowing realistic penis made from molding

As usual there is no joke. You can make your own penis replica or your lover’s penis. The solution is based on a molding gel. The procedure is straight forward and easy. You prepare the molding gel. You insert your penis in the modling tube. You put the rubber into the mould. You wait 24 … Read more

Sex position advices for small penis men

Oral sex: Lots of people think foreplay is the key to satisfying a woman. While we did our research for our Ebook, we discovered 1/ there was no evidence about it 2/ all women were more interested in receiving oral sex than anything else. So, it is the first thing a small penis man has … Read more

Penis girth investigation

Deprecated Webpage To measure your penis girth, if you need more information visit this webpage

Penis size investigation

Diagram to measure your penis length

Extract from the “does size matter?” Ebook Penis length investigation Measurement methodologies There are several ways to measure the length of a penis. That’s why it is very important to agree on one unique measurement procedure in order to be able to compare different penis sizes. Ideally, it would be perfect if a worldwide penis … Read more

The penis anatomy

Extract from the “Penis size does matter!” Ebook The penis anatomy We will study the penis anatomy according to its penis shape and size in the erect state. The erect penis size is quite intriguing. The human penis can measure from 2 cm (1”) to 25 cm (10”) bone pressed in erect state. Human being … Read more

Review of the 1979 Kinsey institute penis size study

Two kinsey researchers (Gebhard & Johnson) carried out a penis size survey in 1979. The methodology was a self reported penis size measurement. They asked men “How long is your penis, measuring on the top side from your belly out to the tip?”. Then, the volunteers had to do two marks on pre-stamped card. One … Read more

The MAJOR “Lifestyles condom” study problem

Many people refer to the lifestyles condom penis size study as the most reliable source for determining average penis size. During summer 2001, 300 males have been their penis measured by a medical staff. However we don’t know how the medical staff measured the volunteers. The datasource is also not available. In fact, the lifestyles … Read more

russian women measuring their vagina depth video Review

After the Brandi belle vagina depth measurement video, we found a video where russian girls were measuring their vaginas. From the video, it is difficult to determine the level of arousal. From that video, we understand the importance of arousal to get the maximum possible vagina depth. In fact, it is exactly the same issue … Read more

review of the penis size debate website

This website highlights some true facts but it doesn’t give evidences for every statement. By the way, when we wrote our Ebook, we thought about this issue. Every fact that has been registered in our Ebook has a reference. We keep folders with transcription of our interviews, chats, email exchanges, medical studies papers. We thought … Read more

Review of The authentic women’s penis size preference chart

Girth size: We took the lifestyle condom girth distribution results and we compared it to the “authentic women’s penis size preference chart. First of all, we think the lifestyles condom girth sizes should be accurate because it is easier to measure girth over length. For girth, the circumference is measured at midshaft of the penis. … Read more

Debunking the World penis size map hoax

You may have seen this world map of the average penis size since it has been a big buzz all over the internet from blogs to online newspapers like creative loafing. We took the time to look into this map in order to know if it was real or not. First of all by looking … Read more

Does penis size matter?

If penile penetration didn’t have a benefit to women, if penile penetration was a problem in any sense there would be no humankind. Everybody has to admit, there are men with small, average and large penis length. In fact, Penis volume (length+girth) can be tremendously different between two penises. From a physical point of view, … Read more

Big Asian penis picture gallery

Asian men with a BIG penis do exist ! There is an ongoing urban legend that states asian penis is small. The stereotype of the small asian penis is helped by asian porn movies. Unlike american and european filmmakers, asian filmmakers don’t choose asian porn actors who have a really big penis. So, many people … Read more